1. Waking Up and Hunger

 ――ahh, I’m hungry.

My last thoughts were for something that trivial..

【Starvation】 ―― that unbearable sensation, more agonizing than any other kind of suffering.


My voice was hoarse.
My throat was dry.
And I was  hungry.

When was the last time I ate food? I couldn’t even remember anymore……
In an empty room, I was enduring my hunger alone,

waiting for my parents that were never going to come.

I wonder what …… I am still living for?
Shunned by my own parents, never allowed to go to school …… Every day I would get yelled at,

Everyday I would be forced to do things.

ーーas if bubbling out, something began to well up inside me..

Whatever it was, I couldn’t really understand.
I’ve never had a proper upbringing, I’ve only ever known about things from seeing them on TV, it was only natural that I would be ignorant about a lot of things
That’s why I couldn’t understand what I was feeling in my heart right now.


I’m getting sleepy.
My eyelids are getting heavy.
……If I go to sleep like this then I’d surely won’t be able to get back up again,
then I’d definitely get hit and kicked for「 being lazy」.

――but, the people who’d do that to me are already gone.

Then, what should I do about my hunger?

I didn’t know what to do.
I who knew nothing and received nothing, couldn’t understand.

I wonder, just what exactly, am I still living for.?

“I” who was …… “I”? Who? Am I “I”? But everyone else had names.

I only knew to refer to myself as “I”.
I’ve only ever been referred to with words like「Oi」 and 「You」.

……I wonder why I was living for the sake of those people.
Only being exploited and even suffering through scary experiences…… I wonder if that could that be even called living?
I think that was, how do I say it? …… a very, rough thing.

I couldn’t find the words to describe so the realization wasn’t sinking in


Using my parched throat, frantically, I cried out.

Surrendering myself to that urge, I cried out.

……but, I was too late to notice it.

ーーand just like that I-


-I  opened my eyes.


「where is ーー」

When I came to, I was inside a forest.
My outfit and even the height of my perspective had changed……

「ehーーwhy is thisー?」

Just a short while ago my body was always sluggish and heavy…… but now it felt as if it was as light as a feather.
My body responded as I pictured, I could move as I wanted.
On top of that, my hair, which went down to my shoulders ーー was now silver, a clearly different color from what it used to be.
I wonder why I felt some happiness about being the opposite from how I was before.

and also

「what is  thisーー?」

There’s the curious jingling chains that lead to shackles.
A collar?…would it be alright to call it that? and around me was a single rag that could only barely cover everything.

and there’s also that unpleasant smell that’s been hanging in the air for a while now…… what could it be?

「HIIーー! ?」

When I looked around, there was a bloody hell scape.

There was dead people everywhere, their eyes wide-open, their mouths frothing, regardless if they were women, children…… even large men were down.
They all died as if they had consumed poison.

……and with them, having seemingly died in the same way, were a number of ferocious-looking wolves and bears.

Those were animals that I’ve only ever seen on TV …… but the ones I saw were a little different.


For now, I broke out of my chains, I didn’t want my movement being constricted.
I stood up and skipped around lightly.

「――fu, fufu-」

Ahhh, when was the last time I’ve had this much energy?
I was always hungry and sluggish……but now I can move so light-heartedly.
How fun. How fun.……How fun. I want to keep dong this forever.


Suddenly, I came back to my senses…… I need to confirm my current situation.
In the first place, even my appearance changed and is as if I had……


It was that event that was so well know that even I knew about even though I wasn’t educated.
……but then this means that, I died…… doesn’t it.
No, it probably couldn’t have been helped. I was starving that much and suffering ―― I couldn’t even drink water anymore. Considering that, I actually held out quite well

No, that stuff doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is right now I’m still alive.
Even if my appearance has changed, I’m still alive.
And that’s the only thing that matters.

「……that aside, where am I?」

From what I could see, it looks like I’m in forest…… it was beautiful to the point that it seemed mysterious.
The water was crystal clear, there wasn’t any trash around. It was a beautiful forest scenery.
I would even go as far to say that the dead people and animals were being obstructions in the scenery.
but enough of that――

「I have to look for food……」

That’s right, food. Nourishment.
Starving was the most difficult experience I had. It was unbearable, and I had to put up with it until I died…… That’s why I don’t want to experience that ever again.
……that unbearable pain……I don’t ever want to go through that again.


I was scared.
I was in an unknown location, and a situation that I couldn’t understand.
Even though everyone around me is dead, but I have no idea why I’m the only one that’s okay …… I couldn’t make sense of anything.
I could move, but if I happen to come across a wild animal then I probably wouldn’t be able to put up any resistance.

Still……the thought of doing nothing and just waiting till I starve is even scarier.


I started walking.
First I should check around near me to see if there is anything I could eat
Near me there was a dead person and the wreck of a carriage. They were probably in the middle of travelling.

「Yoi, sho」

Using my small body, I quickly inspected the contents of the carriage through an opening.
There was nothing but stuff like bags with holes, ropes, and chains…… everything that seemed edible had already been eaten.

「No……no way」

I became a bit sad.
Then, I’ll change my mindset, if there’s nothing left then all I have to do is look for more. it’s that simple …… the animals are no good though.
Then the grass!…… but I don’t know which ones are edible.


While thinking about what to eat I became a little hungry.
I have to hurry and find something I can eat while I can still move……

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4 thoughts on “1. Waking Up and Hunger

  1. MC was pretty hysterical for a lot of this chapter and that “watashi/I” bit of her rambling was pretty tricky to translate.
    It’s pretty interesting how MC knows about “isekai” even though her only source of outside information is the TV in her house. Theirs an implication that her dad watches isekai anime.

    It should be pretty obvious by now but I’m actually ESL, and this is a solo project so I don’t have any actual proofreading and quality checking
    If you find any mistakes or think something is phrased awkwardly and then feel free to comment about it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Very short compared to the previous chapter. I was wondering how she could break the chain, wouldn’t that be impossible with just bare hands?

    I almost wondered how she found out about Isekai only from TV, then again, Japan is currently only about Isekai so it’s no wonder she knows about that kind of thing.


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