4. Predator and Prey

I don’t have to worry about food and water for the time being…… probably.
When it comes to it, 【Gluttony】could take care of my hunger. That being said, I don’t particularly to feel that sensation again.

……being hungry to my limits was harsh.
Harsh enough to make me want to die.

「…… then for now, should I continue exploring……again today」

I had completely no idea what I should be doing right now.
All I knew was that I needed to have food and water.
Food is important for sustaining life after all.
……leaving that aside, I crawled out of the wrecked carriage and basked in the outside air and sunlight.


I stretched my arms and looked up at the sky.
……the sky, was it always this beautiful.
I didn’t know. I lived a life of looking up at nothing but the ceiling after all.
I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to look out the windows either.

ーーbut that has nothing to do with “now” anymore.

For the time being, I washed with my body and face with water, and after cleaning up―― I left to go exploring.


……The forest changed completely overnight, I could feel the presence of a lot of animals in its stillness.
After all, I ate that much, so there was bound to be some kind of impact.
――I don’t think I’ll be able to eat wolves anymore.

「Then I’ll need to look for something else……」

It seems like I get hungry very easily―― and if I didn’t have something to satisfy my hunger then I’d get to weak to move.

If I look up at the tree branches, I could see squirrels and birds.
They might be of some help.
But I was worried……an entire wolf couldn’t even sate my hunger, so these small animals might not be enough.

――at least for now, I still wasn’t hungry.
I think I was almost full.
Which meant that I can keep going.

「……let’s go」

Rather than going for the food in front of me, I decided to keep going and look for bigger prey―― I went deeper in to the forest.

 ――but, I couldn’t find any prey at all.

Even something small than a wolf would be fine…… but even after making that compromise, I still couldn’t find anything.


Could it be, did I really eat too much yesterday? Half a day has passed and I still wasn’t hungry but……
It felt like f I let myself get carried away then I’d still become hungry in an instant.


I heard the rustling sound of sway grass and quickly turned to look at where it came from.

「A rabbit?」

Standing there was a lovely rabbit ―― that had a horn.
A horned rabbit.


But contrary to it’s lovely looking appearance, It hopped at me, aiming at my throat.
I quickly grabbed it and …… pinned it down to the ground.
And while it was pinned down, I put some force on its neck―― and broke it with a snap.

「……umm……now what?」

I unintentionally got some food.
But I didn’t have a fire, and I didn’t even know how to butcher it…… I’d like to think that I could eat it if【Gluttony】activated but, that power didn’t respond to plants and water so I wonder how it would turn out.
If it’s dead then it’s no different from plants―― and it would be a waste to let it rot.


I should try eating it for now at least.
I forcefully tore off the rabbit’s leg and ate it raw.
It reeked of blood and made and unpleasant squelching sound while I chewed it but―― it was delicious. Or rather, I couldn’t tell what it tasted like.
But, it should be delicious.
If it’s edible, then it’s delicious.
Deliciousness meant being able to eat after all.

……Inedible things are not food.
Yep. A flawless theory.

「……(mogu mogu)」

I was still too wary to eat the internal organs so I decided to bury the organs in the ground the same way I did yesterday.
I was completely used to it by now, I buried it quickly while dirtying my hands with blood and dirt and continued eating.
Even if it didn’t taste like anything it’s still delicious.
As it went down to my stomach, I felt a strange and pleasant satisfaction.
【Gluttony】 might be efficient but, it didn’t give me this same feeling of satisfaction.
……well, if I get an upset stomach because of this then would’ve been all for nothing.

For now, now having confirmed that I could eat something even if it was raw, I continued moving forward.


I went deeper in to the forest…… the sun was beginning to set, and it was around the time I thought about going back.


That’s when I was struck by a mysterious sensation.
It was as if I was being drawn in and……blocked out.
Just what exactly was it?

I was taken in by my curiosity and went deeper inside the now extremely dense forest.
Squeezing through the greenery and breaking off branches, I finally found it.

「a ruins?……」

Vines had grown and wrapped around the building.
It looked like it was man-made, but there was mysterious designs in several places.
A ruined temple―― it gave off that impression.

「……what’s inside……」

My body froze up.
My instincts screamed at me, telling me that I shouldn’t go in.
But I’ve gotten hungry after coming this far, an intense hunger that was hard to endure.
And my sharpened senses told me that there was a living creature inside here.

There was prey right in front of me.

「haa haa……」

My chest hurt.
It was a sign that【Gluttony】was about to activate.
And then came a feeling of weakness…… The feeling of satisfaction that I had a while ago has completely vanished, I couldn’t think of anything other than food now.
……If I keep going then there was going to be prey. If I turn back, then it’s possible that I wouldn’t find anything and then I would starve.

――it was one or the other.


I frantically tried to think butーー I was too hungry and couldn’t focus.

I’m hungry…… that was no good. I’ll leave the difficult decisions after I’ve dealt with my hunger.
That’s why―― I kept moving forward.

The inside of the ruins wasn’t as worn down as I thought it would be.
I couldn’t hear anything from outside and only silence filled the space inside. ―― more importantly than that, I was hungry.
So what if it was silent. So what if I couldn’t hear anything from outside.
What I needed right now was a prey that could sate my hunger.
I dragged my feet in the direction where the presence was the strongest.

There were different rooms along the way but I had no interest in them.
The deepest room in the ruins…… I wasn’t interested in anything other than the prey inside that.


My stomach protested my hunger with pain and I hit it to shut it up.
【Gluttony】 had already activated, black particles were floating all around me. the particles, which looked harmless at a glance, still hadn’t caught any prey.

……it looks like there wasn’t going to be anything other than the big prey in the back after all.

It seems like I become hungrier easily in front of prey―― particularly, when in front of one that could become a substantial meal.
……There was no longer any wonder, nervousness, or anxiety.
The only thing left was my feeling of “wanting to eat”.

「……wait for me」

Step by step, I moved closer.
The ruins wasn’t particularly big.
And the layout wasn’t particularly complex either…… I keep moving forward, if I can open the large door that was in front of me then I would have reached my prey ……
I put my hand on the door, and tried to push and pull as hard as I could but…… it didn’t even budge.


Even though I was tired because I was hungry…… it wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t move.
My body felt heavy but, my physical ability shouldn’t have changed――much. That’s why I thought I’d be able to open a door like this but……it didn’t respond to my arms at all.

It wasn’t enough so I pushed all my weight on to the door and did my best to try and open it.
And when I did, the door immediately fell over.
I wanted to think that it wasn’t because I was heavy.

「now thenー」
「…… Why Have You Come Here. Human」
「A talking…Lizard?」

Inside was a large lizard clad in red scales, sitting imposingly……
Sparks flew out as it took a long breath, it looks like it used fire.

What have I come here for……huh

「Of course, it’s in order to satisfy my hunger」
「I would be happy if you could stay quiet and let me eat you without resisting」
「……fu,. fufufu, HAHAHA! You Would Eat Me? Very Well! I Accept Your Challenge! !」
「……?even if you accept or something……it’s already over 」
「What !? ――!?」

I had already filled the room with the black particles.
After that, 【Gluttony】 just had to activate on its own and I could eat.
……that was supposed to be what would happen at least.

「This Is ーーI See, So You Are This Era’s 【Gluttony】 」

I clearly had the intention to eat it. But the lizard didn’t looked as if it was suffering…… and was talking excitedly instead.
On the contrary, the lizard seemed glad to see me.

I became flustered, knowing that 【Gluttony】 didn’t work on the lizard.
…… to think that my sole means of attacking wouldn’t work.……what do I-

「Hmm, Is That All You Have…… What’s Wrong? You Still Have A Hand To Play Don’t You?」

I was slammed to a wall with a tail.
There was a sickening sound, as if a bone hand been broken. ……I threw up blood and started coughing.

「……Weak. Too Weak」
「――this damn-」

I sunk my teeth down in to the tail that was right in front of me.
……however, it didn’t get hurt with that attack ――


I was slammed down violently.
Cracks appeared on the floor, and my bones were broken.

……I thought I wasn’t sensitive to pain but it looks like that wasn’t really the case.

――ah, I’m  hungry

「Hahhh…… Given That You Are The User Of 【Gluttony】……Amounting To Merely This…… Is Disappointing 」

A clear gesture of disappointment.
It took a long breath and spewed out hot embers, it looked like it was sighing.
……why isn’t 【Gluttony】working?
Was it because he was too big? Or was it simply because he wasn’t something that could be eaten? …… I don’t know. I couldn’t think because of my hunger and blood loss.

ーI’m hungry

「Fumu……Well I Do Not Intend To Make You Suffer」
「……it over」
「Hm? Did You Say Something?」
「……hand it over」

I’m at my limits. I’m so hungry, I want to eat. I want to eat…… I want to eat, I want to taste, I want to be satiated.
I don’t want to be hungry.
I don’t want to die even more.
That’s why, I eat

《System Message: Starvation Rate has exceeded 120% 【Gluttony】 is switching over to 『Predation Mode』 》

「hand over your body……Lizard 」

At that moment, the black particles became inactive……Instead, mysterious markings appeared on my body.
My body felt heavy, and my sense felt dull―― but right now I can keep going.

「I won’t let myself starve, I will eat, live. I will survive」
「W, What Is This!? What Are Youーー」
「Shut Up. I’m Hungry」
「W-Wait! If I Were To Die Then―― !?」

In order to shut him up, I grabbed his tail, and began eating.
The taste was the same as always. It didn’t taste like anything but…… I wonder if it was spicy, I felt my tongue burning.
……whatever, if my mind told me that it was delicious then I’m okay with that.

Which part should I eat next?


ーーI still wasn’t satisfied.

「gah――guh, GEAaaaaa!!」

ーー not enough. not at all enough


but there’s no more prey left.

How will I get rid of my hunger?


I’m tired.
In this state, even if I manage to sate my hunger, I start getting hungry again right away.
I don’t want any more.
I hate being hungry.
Why did hunger have to exist?
Eating, Excreting, Getting hungry again…… that eternal cycle. I can’t get out of that hell no matter what I do.
……lying down on ground, in this ruins which no longer had anyone else, I looked up to the ceiling.

「……am I going to die……?」

I was undoubtedly going to.
This was the second time I’ve felt this sinking sensation…… and even if I find something to eat now, it would already be too late.

「Ara? It’s rare to see a child in this place」

I thought I saw something with my blurred vision…… something that looked like a human figure.
But, I couldn’t keep holding on to my sinking consciousness anymore―― lying on the floor, I gave up on enduring…… and surrendered myself to my sinking consciousness……

……There’s no way I would do that.

「oh, that was dangerous」

I unleashed the power of【Gluttony】at the person that came and tried to eat her.
I didn’t feel any guilt. I did it with the full intent to eat.
……if it’s to survive, then I would eat anything.
Even if it was another person.
I will still eat.

「 【Gluttony】 ? That means, you’re someone that has transmigrated……I’ll have to treat you more politely then」
「Fill, Hunger, I will survive――」
「I see…… so you’re hungry huh. Very well then. Please eat me.」

The girl didn’t resist.
She spread her arms out and held me……
…… and like that, I sunk my teeth into her soft body――

「Ah~n ……fu、fufu……getting eaten huh, that’s a first」

Finally, I was free from that unending pain.

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2 thoughts on “4. Predator and Prey

  1. Looks like we’re ticking more and more isekai trope checkboxes
    The author’s doing daily releases so it’s pretty much impossible to not to fall back down on some of the more popular tropes, but I guess it’s up to the author to the put their own twists into them and try and make something interesting.

    Speaking of, it seems like Iris here literally can’t just stop being near death every chapter, this little dance is starting to feel a bit repetitive tbh


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Did she… eat a Dragon?!
    The Dragon(?) Also calls Iris the holder of (Gluttony) in this era. Which means there are also other Holders of the Seven Deadly Sins. I wonder how (Sloth) looks like.

    And the last girl is sus.


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