6. Dread

「Now then! I want to reach the town by today, so let’s hurry up and go!」

It was the start of the day and Cattleya was already up, full of energy and shouting. In contrast, I was in bad shape from lack of sleep, and the light of the sun didn’t help me become more lively.
In the end……I spent the entire night unable to sleep.

On top of that, my body felt a bit weak since I was a little hungry.


After noticing the state I was in, Cattleya drew closer to me…… and exposed her shoulders.
Her black hair hanged down,
And her white skin that contrasted with her dark hair caught my eyes……
I became even hungrier.

The slight hunger I felt became as bad as if I hadn’t eaten anything for an entire day.

「u, ughh……」
「You don’t have to keep holding back. We both consented to this」

Cattleya slowly approached me as if to entice me even more.
……for some reason I backed away, and tried as much as I could to hold back my hunger.
Even though I had no reason to hesitate. Even though it was as Cattleya said, and it was for both our interests……Well, I couldn’t really understand her reasoning though, but-

Why am I so hesitant to eat now?
Even though this meant denying my own survival. why.

There was no reason to think so hard about it. The only thing in front of me now was food that I could consume.

「so why……」

I wanted to eat, but I didn’t want to eat.
Even though I still wanted to know why……my 【Gluttony】still activated on its own.
With zero regards for what I wanted, it went off in order to satisfy my hunger.
【Gluttony】 manifested into black particles and assaulted Cattleya…… Even though I desperately tried to stop it, my uncontrollable hunger drove it ,and it engulfed Cattleya.

「Mnmm……this really, feels so strange」

As my hunger subsided, Cattleya approached me as if nothing had happened to her.
It was really as she said, there wasn’t even a single scratch on her body.

「Oh myーー It doesn’t go easy does itー Iris-chan’s 【Gluttony】」
「……stop hugging me」

Her large breasts pressed against my face and suffocated me.
It was soft, and for some reason it was also irritating…… I put my own hand to my chest unconsciously and I thought about what could have caused that irritation.

「Ara? fufufu, how cuteー」
「? what do you mean?」
「No, it’s nothing. so have you had your fill?」
「……yes, thanks to you」

I was full of my energy and I was overflowing with strength.
For some reason this body gets hungrier the more I move, but it’s amazing because of the way it gets like this when I’m full.
When it comes to energy efficiency, my previous body was better but, if I had to choose, the body I had now is definitely better.
Or maybe I just didn’t know enough to tell because I didn’t knew how it felt like to be full with my previous body.

「So, now that you’re full, we should move」

Saying that, Cattleya pulled away.
She didn’t seem to have much when it comes to luggage, she wore a large leather pack on her back, and called out to me again saying “let’s go”.
……I followed behind Cattleya.
I thought that I would have had a hard time keeping up with Cattleya who was bigger than me――but that didn’t seem to have been the case.

This body really is pretty strong, as long as I wasn’t hungry at least.


It became noon while I was still following Cattleya who was the leading the way out of the forest.
Even after walking that much we still haven’t gotten out of the forest.

「Hm? What is it?」
「I’m hungry」
「Is that so……then why don’t we take a quick break」

I wasn’t as hungry as I was when I was trying to hunt wolves, but all this walking has made me hungry.
Fortunately, I could just use 【Gluttony】to eat Cattleya and sate my hunger. It’s a blessing that I could eat as soon as I get hungry.

「Mnnー……it doesn’t really feel the same if we’re not doing it directly

So she says, I think there’s something wrong about her for being able to say after having been eaten.
But I wasn’t in any position to complain because I was eating a person.

Cattleya took out something that looked like dried meat out of her pack and ate it…… and then she produced water out of nowhere.
……?What was that just now.

「What did you just now……?」
「Ah, did you mean the magic? It’s not that complicated」
「That’s right, Magic. 『Understand the phenomena, command all things, discover the truth. And then weave the words that create the world』…… I think it was something like that? Basically, it’s a technique that was developed a long time ago by a certain eccentric someone, and it lets you create all sorts of phenomena. 」

I couldn’t understand the difficult parts.
But it seems to be some kind of useful technique.
……I wonder if I could also use it?

Thinking that, I asked Cattleya how to use magic…… but I couldn’t understand anything she said.
Something about……the structure of the world and something about energy…… I asked even though I knew that I couldn’t possibly understand anything.

「Ufufu, I think it might still be too early for Iris-chan to learn magic…… and honestly, I don’t think you really need to anyway since you already have 【Gluttony】」
「Is that true?」
「Yes, the only time magic is ever really used is for combat, and for those who are in specialized crafts」

That’s apparently how it was.
We finished our break and continued walking.

……We continued moving through the forest.
But suddenly, I felt an awful sensation running down my back.


“You must not go any further.”
It felt something was telling me those words. Cattleya kept on walking without noticing what was happening.
I knew that if I didn’t move then I’d be left behind here…… but I couldn’t move my legs.

(no, no……no, no, no)

I didn’t want to go any further.
I don’t want to die.
For some reason I felt like I was in grave danger, I couldn’t do anything but tremble where I stood.

「? Is something wrong Iris-chー」

Cattleya tried to ask me something.
……but she was cut short in the middle of her question.

「Eh……ーー ! ?」

I could hear the sound of the air being ripped apart resounding in front of me.
Cattleya was crushed into a pool of blood…… I just shuddered.

「Grrrrrr……So it was you huh. The one that killed the Fire Dragon……」

In front of me was a terrifying 『Phantom』 , it had a multitude of hands and it looked as if it was forcefully trying to assume a form.
I didn’t want to look at it anymore so I tried to look away……that’s when I realized that I couldn’t move.

「Oh. Not talking……Is it too much of a bother to even make some noise aーーwhat?」
「……get away from that child!」

Cattleya did something to the 『Phantom』
I wonder if it was something like the magic she used earlier.

「Run away, Iris! That’s a Dread Dragon! They’re pests that consume worlds, and they’re the worst match up for you!!」

I could speak again.
But I was scared…… so scared that my body didn’t move as I wanted it to.

「Tch, It can’t be helped then!」

I heard the sound of glass shattering…… and something tremendous started overflowing out of Cattleya.
…… The 『Phantom』 watched her motionlessly.

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4 thoughts on “6. Dread

  1. It’s been a full week now since I started this project and it looks like we’re finally about to go into our first proper fight sequence.

    There was several ways I could’ve translated what the dragon was called but I decided to settle with “Dread Dragon”
    I hope it’s intimidating enough. One of the more disappointing things I experience when reading webnovels is when the big bad of the arc gets revealed and they have some weird, lame made up name like “Bobert”


    1. I made it up while writing the example, he doesn’t actually exist, or at least I really hope that he doesn’t.
      If he did, then his name alone would be reason enough for a villain backstory


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