7. Sickening

――Cattleya raised her hands.……and created a huge ball of fire which and made it fly in the direction of the 『Phantom』

「I see……」

As it muttered this, the 『Phantom』 moved one of its many hands, and used it to disperse the fireball.
And then it used the hand to reach over and grab Cattleya by the neck, firmly tightening its grip.


She was struggling in pain but the 『 Phantom 』’s hand didn’t even budge.
―― I heard the sound of something glass-like shatter again, wind began to stir inside the phantom, it intensified and became a big tornado that could tear apart anything inside it.

But the 『 Phantom 』 simply reached out another hand, and deflected the tornado away.

「Is this all you’re truly capable of……Then, Die」

Her neck snapped.
The light in her eyes faded and she fell down to the ground lifelessly.
……Cattleya was dead.
Without question, she was dead.

「ah, ahh……」

I could feel something in my chest hurting.
It hurt as if it was telling me that I was going to be the one that was next. I was afraid.


That’s why, all I need to do is forcibly suppress my fear……and start punching.
What did I really even have to be that afraid for.
After resolving myself I stopped shaking…… and I ran forward with all the speed I could muster in me.


I didn’t know how to throw a proper punch, I just swung my fist as hard as I could.
Fortunately, right now I could move my body as I wanted.
That’s why my attacks would be very effective……or at least it should’ve been.

「I see……how tepid」

My fist passed through the 『 Phantom 』 and my arm was locked in place, I was being restrained.
A hand creeped out from it and grabbed my neck.
I couldn’t breathe, my body stiffened.
I tried to remove the hand using my free left hand, but I was steadily losing strength.


I was lifted up to the point where my feet were no longer touching the ground, the strength that I was being choked with jumped up even higher.
I was in pain, and death was steadily approaching.

「……for killing the Fire Dragon. Rue everything, and die」
「ーーNo. The one that’s going to die is you!」
「What! ?」

As soon as I heard the voice, the 『 Phantom ‘』’s hands let go of my neck and it was blown away as if intense winds had struck it.
……Cattleya was standing completely unharmed.
There was no way that Cattleya could’ve died from something that trivial after all.

「We’re running away」

Cattleya didn’t leave any room for mistakes.
She dragged me by my hands, she pulled with a strength that seemed like it couldn’t have come from her slender arms.
……It hurt, but only by a little.

「running away? where?」
「Wherever is fine. at the very least, that thing shouldn’t show up if we’re around people」

We frantically ran through the forest.
It didn’t seem like that thing was following us at the moment…… I couldn’t help but feel like I was shaking, just by remembering what it looked like.

「I understand how you feel. That thing is our natural enemy――so it’s understandable that you’d feel like that.」

When I became quiet, she told me those words for some reason.


A foreboding sensation came up behind us. We both jumped to the side in opposite directions.
A hand passed through the space between us, and when I looked back the 『 Phantom 』was over there.

「You can’t run」
「Tch! My, you’re persistent!」

Cattleya shouted out, seemingly irritated, wind started to form in front of her as if to blow the 『 Phantom 』 away.
But the 『 Phantom 』used several arms and erased it…… and then it pierced through Cattleya’s chest.


But Cattleya didn’t go down…… she kept unleashing her magic, trying to create enough wind to blow the 『 Phantom 』 away.
……I tried thinking of anything I could do to help, but all I could I think of was hitting it.
If I hit it then I might get caught again.
But if I didn’t do anything……


If I can’t use my strength, then I could just eat it.
But right now I wasn’t hungry…… but was I really? Even though I ran that much, was this body that had terribly inefficient energy consumption really not hungry?


I tried to focus my will.
And when I did, the black particles appeared, even if only a little.
I unleashed them on the 『 Phantom 』
In order to satisfy my hunger, I tried to consume the 『 Phantom 』……

「No! Iris-chan!」
「eh?……! ? oee」*retching*

I was overcome with a sickening sensation that was stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before.

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  1. Pretty short chapter this time.

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