Intermission – Cattleya 1

――Iris was sleeping.
Even though she had a large hole through her chest she still managed to sleep soundly like a baby.
The large hole in her chest that had been my made by one of the Dread Dragons, ーーthe 『 Phantom Claw』, was neatly being healed.

「Hahh……So it was only aiming for 【Gluttony】 huh……」

The 『 Phantom Claw』 left after confirming Iris’ death.
But then, when Cattleya rushed over to Iris’ side, she could see Iris’ blood forming into the shape of a heart, her body had began to repair itself.
At first Cattleya thought that it was the power of 【Gluttony】
But when she used a power of her 【Lust】 , 『Grasp Soul』, she realized that Iris’ soul was no longer in her body.

「How strange」

Even though they were covered in blood, Cattleya gently patted Iris’ head.
The power of【Gluttony】 resides in Iris’ soul.
Which meant that the regeneration wasn’t from her 【Gluttony】

「Well, even if I’m curious it’s not like I can do anything about it」

If Iris can live then Cattleya was fine with that.
She dropped all the thoughts she had till now.
……in order for her to attain her goal, the power of 【Gluttony】 was absolutely necessary.
On top of that, that girl was cute. She really hoped that she’d live.
She hoped so from the of her heart.

For Cattleya, Iris has been an important part of her life from the moment they met, regardless of the amount of time they had actually spent together.
That’s why she risked her life to protect and help her.
This became Cattleya’s reason for living.

Iris was cute……and a feast for her eyes.
Her pale limbs peeking out of her tattered rags and her white hair that was slightly wavy, her red eyes, red as blood as if it was trying to charm her.
Cattleya liked girls, especially cute girls.

「Fufu. and besides, getting eaten is unexpectedly……pleasant, huh? 」

She wouldn’t explain her feelings to Iris…… between being able to see her confused expression and having her feelings be understood, she was definitely leaning towards the former.

Cattleya had transcended 『Death』 , which is probably why she couldn’t feel 『Life』, right now, she had never felt closer to feeling like she was alive.

“To eat is to live”, the one that embodied that was that girl, Iris……

Able to store up lives for as many souls she can manage to bewilder.
And able to burn away her own life in order to raise the power of her magic……【Lust】 was a self-centered power. a power that takes advantage of others and turns them into mere tools, used only to satisfy her own desires.

「Hahh……This stupid world. Why don’t we just destroy everything in it? Yes, if it’s the two us then I’m sure we’d be able to do it, won’t we?」

While sighing, she laid bare the feelings deep inside her heart.
“I can’t tell you about it now……but surely one day. I’ll take good care of you to make you help me. I’ll feed you and I’ll nurture you”
“So until then, please don’t die……”

Cattleya gently patted Iris’ head.

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2 thoughts on “Intermission – Cattleya 1

  1. So I said last chapter that I might rush through this arc’s epilogue chapters…
    I ended up getting distracted by the new shadowverse update so I haven’t been able to focus on this little project.

    anyway how do you guys feel about this chapter. do you guys think this is enough to qualify for a yuri tag?
    seems pretty one-sided so I can’t really tell


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Every love starts with a one-sided feeling. Especially with Yuri.
    All we can do is quietly watch their feelings for each other grow.


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