9. Growth

……when I woke up, I could see Cattleya’s large breasts obscuring the sky.

「Hey, what are you doing? Iris-chan!」

I grabbed the breasts that were on top of me.
I secretly felt a sense of defeat from the heaviness that I felt in my arms.
Well, I don’t really mind because I still have a way to go from now…… It was soft, and it looked delicious, I wanted to take a bite.
I started getting hungry.

「Ara? Are you hungry?」

There wasn’t any reason to be embarrassed and I didn’t really think much of it…… but it was a bit troubling when she moved her face closer to mine with sparkling eyes.
Well, I’m hungry so I won’t hold baーー

「? What’ is it? Aren’t you going to go eat me?」

I didn’t really have any strong feelings towards eating Cattleya.
At most I probably felt some gratitude, I think?
I threw away any hesitation and began to eat Cattleya with 【Gluttony】

I was about to release the black particles again…… but somehow I felt like I didn’t need to do that and that all I needed to do to eat her was to touch her.
In the same way when I first realized that I had 【Gluttony】, the intuitively knew how to do so.


Following that intuition, I held Cattleya’s hands and consumed her.
Her arm vanished from the elbow down, as if having been bitten off, and blood started spewing out.
I was lying down on her lap and got splattered with a lot of blood…… the taste of the blood that got in my mouth was unexpectedly delicious, and I started licking the blood around my mouth.

「Jeez……I finally managed to get cleaned up and now I’m all wet with blood again」
「sorry……but, it was pretty tasty, you know」
「Oh. Then it’s fine then.」

Cattleya brushed off the fact that she got dirty again with a smile.
But I couldn’t stop thinking about I could now eat from touching something with my hands after all this time.
I could consume a lot more food at once using the black particles, and there wouldn’t be any problems even if the target was something far away.
So why did I gain the ability to consume something by touch now?

While thinking about those things, I felt myself becoming full and I could feel my body regain its energy.


When I tried to get up Cattleya pushed me down by my forehead and put my head back down on her lap.
I looked up into Cattleya’s eyes, wondering if anything was wrong.

「You still haven’t had enough. You have to eat more.」
「eh……but I’m already full……hm?」
「ーーOh. looks like you can eat more after all.」

I was in the middle of denying Cattleya who scarily insisted that I could keep on eating……but when I touched her hand that was pushing me down, I consumed her arm.
How strange. I felt full and I shouldn’t be able to use the black particles because of that. I thought that that meant that I couldn’t use the power of 【Gluttony】
But I just broke through that limit and ate Cattleya’s arm.

Could it be that I could use my power while I was still full…… is what I thought, but when I tried my best to release the black particles there wasn’t a hint of anything coming out.


But when I touched Cattleya I could definitely eat her.
I tried using it again order to make sure……


I unintentionally went overboard and ate her entire body.
Not a single piece of flesh was left, all there was was a bloody puddle on the ground.
……I was full but I still managed to eat her with my power.

「Hey, you never said anything about going that hard all of a sudden. That really startled me you know」
「umm……can I do it one more time then?」
「Well, okay」

If doing it all of a sudden wasn’t okay the does that mean it should be fine if I just asked first right? When I tried asking for permission to do it again she immediately accepted.
Cattleya’s cheeks flushed and she moved closer to hug me.
I felt my heart throbbing in my chest, and I hugged her back, and then……


I devoured her completely.


I focused on the state of my stomach.
But all I could tell was that I was full.
I couldn’t tell how much more excess I had eaten.
maybe…… it’s something like “storing food”
I was full so I couldn’t use the black particles, but I can still eat by touching something directly.

「Haa……you really don’t hold back when you eat huh, Iris-chan♡」

The newly revived Cattleya hugged me again, looking very satisfied.
……she wasn’t wearing clothes so I could feel the softness that I had only felt through her clothes directly…… I could feel the warmth of a person.
The clothes that she was originally wearing were now tattered and on top of that, I had gotten them all dirty with my blood. It was no longer in any condition to be worn.

But that didn’t mean that she should be going naked.

「please get dressed first」

She cheerily took out spare clothes from her pack and changed right in front of me.
Come to think of it, my clothes were also in a terrible condition, it was also bloody and there was a big hole around the chest.
I wonder if I should be doing something about my own appearance before I go around telling people to put on some clothes.
But it was still functioning properly as clothing, so it should still be wearable.

I thought about those things carefreely, not noticing that Cattleya had taken out some small children’s clothes.

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2 thoughts on “9. Growth

  1. Well dang, I didn’t think I’d be procrastinating this long.
    I started this translation project to force myself to practice japanese so it wouldn’t really be any good for me if I just ignore it for over a week.
    I’ll at least try to get a regular schedule going, daily releases like when I first started is going to be near impossible but I’ll try to get one chapter up at least every 3 days.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I never thought there would come a time when I read a story where the MC felt HUNGRY when she saw a big boing-boing.


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