10. Other People

The sun was setting, Cattleya and I were staring at each other over a campfire.


We were staring at each other, or rather it would be more accurate to say that Cattleya was smiling and staring at me while trying to cozy up to me.
Still wearing the tattered rags that had dried and were now sticking to my skin, I tried to distance myself from her.
I didn’t have the slightest idea why Cattleya was holding that……she had a black frilly dress and was doing her best to corner me.

「Come now, Iris-chan. Give it up, you need to get dressed」
「……I don’t need to, I’m fine with what I have on now」
「No, that’s no good. You’re a girl so you need to be cut-………well you’re already cute, but you have to be even cuter!」

In the depths of the night, Cattleya’s loud voice resounded through the forest.
I didn’t really understand what she said about being cute, but if there were spare clothes then it would certainly be better to wear those instead of the tattered rags I was wearing.
But the clothes Cattelya had, how do I say it…… seemed extremely hard to move in.
I wonder if she didn’t have something more comfortable, or easier to change into.
Something like the shirt that I used to always wear would be ideal……
This body was sturdy and could resist even the cold of night.
That’s why I didn’t need clothes that could keep me warm, we could get attacked at any time so I’d rather not wear clothes that would make it difficult to moveーー is what I’ve been telling to Cattleya, but she wouldn’t listen to me at all.

That said, Cattleya’s eyes have gone bloodshot and it was a little scary.

「Listen up, that lewd appeaーー*cough*, the tattered clothes you’re wearing right now are dangerous in a bunch of different ways you know? It can’t even really be called clothing」
「……? if you can wear it then doesn’t that mean that it’s clothes?」

I was used to tattered clothing anyway, so the rags I was wearing right now was good enough because it was easy to move in and covered enough of my body.
That’s right. I’ll be taking my clothes off anyway so why do I have to go out of my way to wear clothes that looked like it’d be uncomfortable to wear……For a while now, I couldn’t understand Cattleya’s reasoning for it.
Even with her clothes, the skirt she was wearing looked like it was obstructing her legs, so why was she even wearing that?

「In any case, don’t you think that these clothes would look a lot better on you than the one you have on right now?」
「no. it looks hard to move in」
「……Then. How about this one?」

Saying that, Cattleya took out a different dress.
The new dress she took out was a white one piece dress, it didn’t look as restricting as the dress from earlier. It looked like it wouldn’t be that much different from what I was wearing now.

「if it’s that one then, I guess it’s okay……」
「Good. Firstly, hand over the clothes…… or rather rags you’re wearing. I’ll be in charge of getting rid of it.」

I received the white dress from Cattleya, and I handed over the rags I was wearing in exchange.
Unsurprisingly, I was pretty uncomfortable being naked so I quickly changed into the white dress.
It was easy to change into, I just had to put it over my head and stick my arm through the sleeves.
I had no problems with moving, and I instantly took a liking to it.

「Well……I think it looks good on you so I’ll call that a success. White clothes on white hair, it’s all white but that’s good in itself too」

While mumbling about something, Cattleya put the tattered rags that I handed over to her into her pack.

I felt refreshed after putting on new clothes, and I started to get sleepy. I moved closer to Cattleya and fell asleep.


――moving from early in the morning, we finally managed to get out of the forest

「Nnnー! We can finally see wide open land 」

Cattleya reached her hands up to the sky and stretched her body.
It had also been a while since I’ve been exposed to sunlight that strong, when I looked up at the sky I couldn’t help but squint from how bright it was.
After getting out of the forest, a large field that spread all the way to the horizon appeared before us.

「Well then, after two more days then we’ll probably get to a town」
「……is that so」

A town.
A place where a lot of people gathered.
……I have never been to a place with that many people, so I imagined how it would be like.
People chaotically walking around .like on TV……I wondered if it would be anything like that.

「By the way, Iris-chan」
「what is it?」
「……Why are you shaking?」

After she called it out I realized I was shaking. Cattleya hugged me.
I wonder why, I thought about it and……ah, it was so simple.

I was just scared of other people(humans).
I was fine with Cattleya but……I couldn’t trust others. I was scared.

「It’s fine. No matter what happens, I’ll be here」

But that was a story for later.
So I stopped thinking about it……and kept moving forward.

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One thought on “10. Other People

  1. We’ve finally gone through 10 proper chapters,
    I don’t really have any excuses for being so late to get this chapter out,
    I’ve had more than enough time to translate this chapter, and it’s a pretty short chapter too
    I’ve just been really distracted tbh


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