12. The Path to Town

I woke up because of a strange suffocating feeling


I was being firmly hugged from behind….. and I couldn’t break free no matter how much I struggled
I could feel what was most likely Cattleya’s breasts touching my face, so I tried tapping behind me to wake her up, but she was still soundly sleeping


I thought that she was finally responding to my tapping but she hugged me even more tightly instead……
I couldn’t take it any longer so I used all my strength to break free from her arms
She woke up after I forcefully broke free and she got up while rubbing her eyes

「good morning, Cattleya」

She probably still wasn’t quite awake yet, she responded to me with a sluggish voice
She created water with magic and tried to drink it but she ended up spilling water all over her clothes instead
Even though she was drenched she was still drowsily drifting in and out of sleep


I tried shaking her to wake her up but…… she was still half-asleep, how troubling

After shaking her for some time she finally came to her senses

「It’s a wonderful morning, isn’t it?」
「A delicious meal would really go well with a wonderful morning like this one, wouldn’t it?」
「ーーThen, why did you eat my dried meat?」

Cattleya made me sit in seiza in front of her, I was looking down while reflecting on what I did.
The reason why she was scolding me was simple…… I ate her food without asking for her permission
I haven’t had any proper meals yet…… and I got really curious about the dried meat’s flavor
I ended up gulping her food down

「Well, even if I don’t eat I’ll still live…… but what I’m really angry about isーー」
「if you were really that hungry then why didn’t you just eat me instead!? 」
「Don’t ” eh…? ” me! Besides, there’s plenty of food that’s better than this in the town! You should’ve put up with eating me until then!」

After telling me that she gave me her hand and helped me stand up
The scolding was finally over

「Then, let’s hurry and get to the town by today so I can feed you lots of good things!」

By the way dried meat didn’t particularly good or bad…… it was a weird flavor

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One thought on “12. The Path to Town

  1. Here’s your dose of Cattleya and Iris flirting
    You might be asking what the hell happened? Why haven’t I been posting any more translations?
    A buddy approached me for getting his scanlation project going, and I haven’t been posting anything because I’ve been helping him
    Anyway, I found out the other day that an orchid called Cattleya Iris existed and that really put this project back on my mind, I’ll still be helping my buddy on his project but I won’t be dropping this project either
    Expect an irregular release schedule for now though

    And speaking of irregular schedules, the author for this web novel has actually drastically slowed down with his releases, I’ll probably need to pick up a new web novel to translate, not any time soon but maybe some time in the future


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