Creating an Account on Syosetu

If you already have an account then you can skip to the next step

Go to the Syosetu user registration page linked here
Enter your e-mail at the space provided and then tick the checkbox at the bottom to agree to the website’s terms of service.

Click on the button at the bottom and check your mail for a confirmation e-mail.

The confirmation e-mail will look something like this

Simply click on the link in the confirmation e-mail to continue the registration procedure.

Fill in the required information.
The Furigana portion is only used to indicate the pronunciation of your username. There shouldn’t be any problems with a non-kana entry so you can simply copy the entry for you username.
For the E-mail Address portion, simply check on “PC E-mail”.
Click the button at the bottom after you’re finished.

Only your username and the furigana for it will be displayed in your profile.

The website will ask you to look over the information you’ve entered one more time, and will ask for your password again after you’re done confirming everything. Click the button on the bottom to complete your registration.

You will be transferred to a different page after you’ve finished your registration. You can move directly to the Log In page by clicking on the button on the middle.

Bookmark and Rating


Find the Syosetu page for the series you wish to support to begin.
You can find links to the Syosetu page of webnovels that are being translated here in the series description.

On the Syosetu page you should be able to find the menu bar pictured below on the top of the page.

All you need to do to Bookmark the series is to click on the orange box.

The following pop-up box will appear after you click on the box.
The pop-up box is not that important since you’re already finished bookmarking the series at this point, but you can choose to further customize your bookmark‘s setting with it and choose whether you want to receive update notifications for the series you just bookmarked and whether you want the bookmark to be visible on your profile.
Clicking the button in the middle will save any changes you made to your current bookmark’s settings.
Clicking the button at the bottom will move you to your bookmarks page.


In any chapter in a series, scroll down to the end of the chapter to find the following.

You can also bookmark a series from here

Click on a star to add a rating for the entire series.
At anytime, you can overwrite your current rating by clicking on a different star.

I won’t ask you to leave a 5 star rating for any series I’m translating so please feel free to add your actual rating.

“Total Star Rating + (Bookmarks) x2

In Syosetu, bookmarks and ratings contribute to the overall points of a series.

It’s the best way to support the authors outside of buying any merchandise they might have.