8. Dependence

「The abominable power of 【Gluttony】…… but that won’t work on me」

【Gluttony】 had definitely activated, but my hunger was only satisfied for one quick moment
……in the next instant that changed into a sickening sensation, I got down on the spot and started vomiting.
It tasted nasty. I didn’t actually taste anything, I didn’t even put anything in my mouth, but it was nasty.
No matter how many times I threw up, that sickening taste still didn’t go away.

「What’s the matter? Doesn’t that power let you sate your hunger?」
「t-this bーー」
「No! Don’t let it get to you!」

I didn’t like how it was treating me.
I didn’t like how it was looking down on me and treating me like an “unwanted child”
I activated 【Gluttony】 and unleashed the black particles on the 『 Phantom 』 againーー but it wasn’t effective, and this time it wasn’t just that sickening feeling this time.

「~ ~ !? 」

A paralyzing shock ran through my entire body.
I couldn’t stand up, my fingers were shaking, and my vision was flickering in and out.
It’s cold. It’s cold. It’s cold.
I grinded my teeth in frustration and stared at the 『 Phantom 』

「Hmph, nothing but an abominable power…… it has no place in this world. Now, die」

The 『 Phantom 』 extended a hand towards me, who was still paralyzed.
I could see Cattleya running towards me in slow motion.
……”revolving lantern”, I’ve heard about it somewhere before.
Seeing your entire life flash before you when you’re about to die…… I wonder why I never experienced it when I died in my previous life.

ーーI now understood that my previous lifestyle was the worst.
All throughout, I was made to serve like a slave, I was hit and I suffered through terrifying experiences……

This was supposed to be a new beginning.
This was supposed to be my new beginningーー I don’t want it. I don’t want to die like this.

「ーーIris-chan! !」

Cattleya frantically reached her hand out to me.

Even though I knew that she’d never make it to me in time but I still reached out to her.
……my chest had been pierced by the 『 Phantom 』’s arm.
It was too late……


I spat out a puddle of blood.
The warmth of my own blood greeted me as I fell down.

I was losing more and more blood.
There was a large hole in my chest and my heart was gone.
I knew that I’d never make it.
Unlike in my previous life, it was going to be an ending full of regrets.

……ahhh, I don’t want to die.
I wanted to feel full a lot more.


――I was floating lightly in a white space.
I wonder where this is.
I guess that doesn’t matter.
I died after all.
I wonder what happens when you die.
I didn’t want to die.
But I couldn’t do anything about it.

I was floating away, drifting towards somewhere.
Looking carefully, I could make out something that looked like a large sphere.
We were flowing towards it.
……I could hear someone call out to me.
I could hear someone calling out from behind and in front of me at the same time.
It felt like I needed to go there.

―――”It’s still too early”

I heard a kind and gentle voice.
I heard a voice that I wanted to keep hearing forever.
……but the owner of that voice told me not to come.

I closed my eyes……and then I opened my eyes again.

I could see a beautiful woman embracing the sphere――


「ーー Iris-chan! Open your eyes! Iris-chan!」

I could hear someone shouting someone’s name.
I wonder whose name it was.
Ah that’s right, it was mine. It was the name I gave myself.

Slowly, I opened my eyes.

「Ahh, Iris-chan……」
「Catt leya?……」

I could see Cattleya who was crying while holding me.
She didn’t seem to mind being covered with blood, even if it was my blood it still reeked of a metallic odor.

「Yes, it’s me.  So how are you feeling now?」
「……I’m hungry」
「Ufufu, is that so. Then, go ahead and eat me.」

She said so with no hesitation.
However I could still feel the feeling of having bit off something left inside my mouth.
……I could understand what I had done with just that.
Even though she said that I could eat her, for some reason I was hesitating.

「What happened to that 『 Phantom 』?」

That’s why I changed the subject to get away from the topic.

「Err, it went away. to somewhere」
「……is that so」

I felt a little uncomfortable from Cattleya’s reaction…… but even though I just woke up, I was starting to get sleepy again.
I wonder why Cattleya was this caring.
Even though we’ve only just met.


But that didn’t really matter, being by her side felt comfortable.
I fell asleep in a position where it seemed like I was hugging her.

「Good night, Iris-chan」

……I leaned against Cattleya as my consciousness started to fade.

――this time, I wasn’t so lonely.

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3 thoughts on “8. Dependence

  1. We’re about to wrap up the starting arc,
    I’m pretty interested on how the author is gong to handle Iris being around other people so I think I might go through the epilogue chapters a bit quicker.


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