11. Warmth

We continued moving through the plains, the day passed by fairly quickly.
Unlike when we were moving through the forest we didn’t have to worry about getting ambushed by anything. The scenery was nice too and it helped pass the time.
Right now Cattleya was away looking for wood for a campfire.


I had nothing in particular that I had to do so I was just left behind to watch over Cattleya’s luggage.
I wasn’t hungry at all today…… I couldn’t even feel myself getting any hungrier.
It seems like I really can store up food if I eat something by touching it directly.
I ate Cattleya two or three times so I can probably keep going for around one more day before it bottoms out.

「I’m back~, have you been a good girl?」
「welcome back」

Cattleya showed up, carrying firewood in her arms.
She piled up the wood and lit a small fire from the tip of her finger which she used to start the campfire.
I’ve seen her start fires like this several times since we’ve encountered the 『Shadow』 , but magic really is mysterious.

「……Now then, it should be okay with this」

After getting the fire going, Cattleya said that we’d be spending the night here and sat down on the ground.
Unlike when we were in the forest, the moon was clearly visible.

I looked up to the night sky and the moon and it was as if I was being drawn to them.
The night sky was much wider and more beautiful than I had imagined.
It felt like I would become sucked in and become part of it if I kept gazing at it like I did.
The night sky was dark, and bright, and it seemed like it could take in anything.

As I kept gazing at the sky, Cattleya peeked at me from above.

「Fufufu. Iris-chan is star-gazing…… how nice 」
「what do you mean?」
「Nothing? I just meant to say that Iris-chan is cute」

Cattleya lifted me up and put me on top of her lap.
She held me from behind. Her arms were wrapped around me and I could feel the warmth of her body…… I guess I didn’t dislike this.

Cattleya’s warmth, her softness.
I grew to dislike it less, just from feeling it.

I couldn’t help but feel like the way I regarded Cattleya has changed since our encounter with the 『Shadow』
I couldn’t really understand what I was feeling, she was a convenient existence, a living source of food who would also frantically protect meーーsomething like that.
That’s why I was able to entrust myself to her so easily.
I’m not sure what the true nature of this feeling is.
I’ve always wanted it.
I’ve always wanted this.

ーーbut I was scared.
The thought of losing this after knowing what it felt like made me feel weak.
That’s whyーー


That’s why I’ll hold onto it so that I won’t ever lose it.

.I stopped looking at the night sky, I leaned back on Cattleya and looked at the fire.
Tonight, I will sleep next to Cattleya again.

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2 thoughts on “11. Warmth

  1. I saw how short the next chapter was so I decided to knock it out early
    When I started this translation project I thought I’d be translating chapters that were around this length and that’s why I tried to do daily translations.
    My schedule has been pretty tight lately though and I’m just generally distracted by a lot of things so daily releases are probably still unlikely even if the average chapter length drops down to something like this.

    That being said, I’ve skimmed ahead to the next chapter after this one and it was also pretty short, so I’ll probably have it done early too.


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